Dental Emergencies in Ludlow, MA

If you are experiencing dental pain, an avulsed tooth, or any other issues that may need emergency dental care in Ludlow, MA, call Dr. Binca Warren at (413) 583-3324 and schedule an appointment right away.

Ludlow Family Dental provides an answering service that is available after hours to accommodate any and all dental emergencies. Don’t wait! Receive treatment now!

Immediate Care for Dental Emergencies in Ludlow

At the point of calling our office, our dentist will provide an over-the-phone evaluation of your dental emergency to determine the urgency of care. Our team then schedules your appointment according to your needs, giving severe cases priority and immediate care. Patients can expect same-day treatment, the next available appointment, or an emergency appointment scheduled by Dr. Warren herself. We address the following common dental emergencies:

A tooth abscess is decay starting at the base of the tooth’s root, which can spread throughout the dental system if left unattended. Similar to a tooth abscess, an infection that spreads inside a tooth and reaches the pulp threatens a patient’s oral health—root canal therapy or an extraction can be necessary to preserve existing dental structuring and stabilize oral health.

Cracks or chips on teeth may appear cosmetic issues only but can leave hairline fractures that are invisible to the naked eye. These small spaces permit bacteria entrance and cause greater issues, such as decay. Bonding or crowns may be necessary to repair the structure and protect oral health.

Chances of saving a recently knocked-out tooth are greatly improved the sooner a patient comes in for treatment. For a tooth that has been knocked out, follow these instructions:

1. If the tooth is intact, rinse it in either saliva or milk and make sure to handle it gently, holding it by the top. The bottom portion houses the root, and its many nerve endings are necessary for reattachment.

2. Next, rinse the mouth free from any debris. Once cleaned, either place the tooth back in its socket if possible or store it in either saliva or milk.

3. After scheduling your appointment, Dr. Warren will administer treatment at the next available time. We will see if the tooth can be left in place, or if additional care will be needed.

As an alternative to refitting the natural tooth, we offer dental implants for a complete replacement to avoid issues related to missing teeth.

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Dental emergencies are never planned for. Our practice offers next available appointment and after-hours emergency dental care in Ludlow, MA. Call Ludlow Family Dental at (413) 583-3324 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Binca Warren now!